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Welcome To Curb Fire Enterprises Ltd

Welcome to Curb Fire Enterprises Limited. We believe every company, School and institution should make sure that they are prepared to combat any fires that might come their way by having the right equipment. This ensures that their institutions have taken the right measures and a team is prepared to handle such eventualities as they arise. Curb Fire Enterprises Limited has taken much effort to ensure that companies/institutions staff and members are well trained and equipped to deal with fire break outs by providing the best in market fire equipment and appliances as well as quality fire safety training and drills.

our services


Curb Fire comes to you with over 20 years of experience in fire safety. We offer high quality fire safety products adhering to ISO standards.

Service and maintenance

We offer service and maintenance for all fire safety equipment at affordable prices. 


We pride ourselves in creating awareness on fire safety. Over 90% of all fires are caused by human error. Training employees in workplaces reduces the possibility of fire accidents by a huge margin.

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